My name is Hendrik Jäger, short ‘henk’


I currently live in Switzerland.


I have a wide range of interests and a lot of them seem to be connected.

The way people think and how things consequently work amazes me, as does communication and interaction, between humans, humans and machines, as well as machines and machines.

I enjoy analyzing and understanding the details of a process to be able to automate or optimize it, as well as the causes of problems and mistakes to be able to prevent them in the future.


I have been using computers since 1993, though mostly for gaming until 1998. That’s when I started taking a serious interest in how they work and in what other ways I could play with them.

In 1999 I set up my first linux-based server, in 2000 I migrated my desktop system to linux, first SuSE Linux, then Debian GNU/Linux.

Also in 2000, or maybe 2001, my first publicly reachable server started offering its services.

Since then I have expanded my private and public infrastructure, and in the process continuously expanded my experience with running IT systems, a large number of communication protocols, lots of different software products, etc.


My professional occupation is usually related to some subset of the management of IT systems (planning, building, designing, maintaining, expanding, migrating, monitoring, automating, etc.) based on FLOSS.

I have worked in different environments, among them software development companies, small ISPs with <20 people, big ISPs with >500 people, companies building hardware, etc.

Please contact me via Email and provide some information about your intentions to receive my full CV.


Produced By Me

I have written very little code (in any language whatsoever) during my career, at least compared to my impression of the amount of code people doing similar things have written. I do plan on changing that sooner or later, though.

Used By Me

I have listed some of the tools I (like to) work with.