The preferable way to contact me in the average case is e-mail. It’s relatively reliable, fast, suits almost all needs, and even works asynchronously with all advantages that brings.


Replacing the first ‘.’ in with an ‘@’ should work.

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

Please consider using PGP to send me encrypted emails.

My Public Key’s fingerprint is:

DBE1 CA16 DCC4 56E1 C2DD  9C32 1B7E ADFD DF72 0123

Please try to understand how PGP needs to be used to actually help securing your communication! E.g. you will have to verify that you have got the correct key in some way. Do not blindly trust the key because ‘it looks right’!


I am present on a few networks usually with the nick ‘henk’, in particular on my own server.


Please contact me via one of the other channels to obtain my telephone number. But please keep in mind the above: e-mail is a very efficient way of communication! Thank you very much.