New Blog

Posted on April 26, 2010 by Hendrik Jäger

Welcome to my first “blog”

Since I seemed unable to find a usable blog-software I just start this plaintext, flat file, apache-indexed, no-style blog now. It does not have a search, it does not support tags or categories, but it is simple and grep’able. If I manage to stick to a proper naming scheme with date-prefix and meaningful topics it is even find’able and sorted! But the best about it is still that I do not have to fight against PHP, CGI, Perl, some strange Installation or Setup or Configuration Wizard, clever redirects, rewrites, (Script)Aliases or anything.

I guess you will mainly find things important for ME in this blog: things I just need to write about because I keep thinking about them, things I am upset about, things I will need later but am likely to forget them, things I regularly need to tell people and write down to just link to them, … Everything probably mainly technical since the blog will stay public and I don’t want everyone to know everything about my person. If you feel you need to know something you can just drop me a mail: henk AT hnjs … (should be obvious, right?).

You can also write me if you have a blog-software recommendation. I have the following requirements: